Who Are You and Where Do You Come From?


Not physically of course but these are the questions you need to be asking yourself.

Do you come from a feeling of fear? Or do you come from a feeling of love?

We would all like to say we live our life in love but do we really?

Look back on your past decisions. The biggies, the ones that made a big impact on your life. Did you make decisions based on fear?

Did you take a low paying job in something you hate for fear of going broke or keeping the ‘wolf’ from the door?

Did you get into a relationship for fear of being left alone or did you truly partnership for love?

Your answers matter.

Sit quietly and ask yourself questions as to why you have lived your life in fear. Understand that fear has been blocking you from advancing in life. Was there any real reason to have had that fear? Would the world have collapsed if you had chosen to live in love rather than fear?

Fear is a strong emotion and you need to start changing the way you think in order to conquer your fears. Life is eternal, there is no end we are pure energy so there really is nothing to fear.

When you live your life in love you open doors that were previously closed to you. Love truly is the answer to what you have been seeking.

When you live in love and come from a position of love then abundance will flow freely very quickly into your life.

The quickest way to make changes in your life is to start meditating and to meditate on unconditional love, Divine love. When you start it may be difficult but stick with it and in time you will find yourself transforming, fears subside, and your entire world shifts. New doors open and relationships become stronger and you live in abundance.

Thoughts are like bullets they shoot directly to the person or thing you aim them at. So send love, come from a position of love. Don’t criticise, praise people’s positive aspects.

If you have to work alongside someone you don’t get along with, then send them the pink light of love, see it encircle them and let it go. You will be amazed how well this will work to change situations.

Sending the pink light of love can help in all situations, if you are going to a job interview, send the pink light before you go! If your car is acting up, fill it with pink light, many people have overcome mechanical problems simply by loving your vehicle and encircling it with the light of love.

I had this happen to me. My dear husband was not ‘mechanically’ inclined, he put new windshield wipers on my car one evening and thankfully I used the wipers before leaving the driveway and they flew off! He attempted to put them back on but failed and had to rush to work in his car.

Early the next morning as I was leaving for work my thoughts were on my wipers and how I would get to work. I examined them to see if I was able to fix them and lo and behold they looked fine! Now I know for a fact the night before they were not connected. I tried them and they worked perfectly! I was perplexed, I looked around for my neighbours to see if perhaps they had come and fixed them for me but they hadn’t.

I sent a prayer and a big thank you to my father in heaven for his help. But then maybe it wasn’t him, it was the universal law of attraction at work, ask and it shall be given.

When these coincidences happen in your life be grateful and be sure to send a big thank you to the Universe.

When you awaken in the morning don’t just jump straight out of bed. Lie for a few minutes and think about your day ahead. Send loving thoughts to family and friends, encircle yourself with the pink light of love and fill your home with it too as you do this.

Send this loving energy to all you will encounter during your day. Ask that you live each day coming from a state of love. Think before you speak during the day, if you are about to get angry with someone take a deep healing breath and think ‘love’ and then from a position of love have your say.

No-one can live life without any angry outbursts but when you are conscious of what you are saying and where you are coming from it will make a huge impact on your actions and thoughts.

This is living in the present. We cannot change our past it is over and done with. we can however change in the way we go forward on our journey.

Always come from a position of love and create the future you desire.