Let Your Inner Child Out, Begin Visualization for Healing

Visualization, or guided imagery as it is also known, is a very powerful tool that can help your body heal.

By simply using your imagination, or creative visualization, you can reduce stress, achieve a level of calmness you may never have experienced before and allow your body to heal naturally.

Children have vivid imaginations, they learn through play. Sadly we lose touch with our imaginative side as we mature and get bogged down with “living.”

If you are a daydreamer then you are using your imagination to fly away to far off places, you get lost in thought which is the perfect way to apply visualization for health.

A lot of research has been done and it’s believed our physical thoughts truly do affect our life and even our health.

The use of the mind to control the body has been used since ancient times, it’s not a New Age fad! For hundreds of years the link between our thoughts and our reality has been known and guided imagery has been utilized to alleviate many personal issues.

In fact, over 3,000 hospitals nationwide use guided imagery, or visualization techniques to help patients recover from illness, surgery and disease. It’s a growing trend because it simply works!

Individuals that cannot tolerate anesthetic for medical reasons are sometimes hypnotized to feel no pain. The mind can block the pain and allow the procedure to proceed.

Surgeon James Braid, developed hypnosurgery in the 1840’s he discovered he could control a patient’s subconscious reflexes so they didn’t experience pain.

Some major and minor surgeries could be performed on a patient by sending him or her into a sub-conscious state by giving appropriate suggestions in a proper way through hypnosis. This method would eliminate the complications associated with administration of anesthetics and has no side effects, physician Sreehari said.

Source: Hypnosurgery on Wiki

By controlling our mind  with visualization, we can eliminate pain from our life.

Visualization can also help us cope with side-effects of medications, help us overcome debilitating illnesses and even lower blood pressure.

There is no end to what can be achieved when we put out mind to it!

How to use Visualization for Self-Healing

You can use any technique you like to begin your road to recovery and healing.

Meditation is a good start as it helps relax your body and it puts you in an open frame of mind. Fifteen minutes a day can transform your life!

Begin by sitting comfortably or lying down. Make sure no-one disturbs you and turn off your cell phone. Play some gentle meditation music in the background if this will help you achieve the right mood. You can even look at a photo or imagine a beautiful beach scene in your mind. Lie down on the beach and allow the sun’s warmth to relax your body…

Take a deep breath in, breathe in light and energy and see it filling your lungs and your body. Seeping to all the cells and pores…

Breathe out negativity and illness. Watch it float away on a cloud, floating gently away until it’s out of sight…

As you take these deep breaths, begin relaxing your body. Wriggle your toes then relax them, feel the muscles in your calf relax and go limp, relax your knees.

Breathe deeply and feel the energy circulate your body rejuvenating all areas, the blood vessels, the cells…

Relax your thighs and your hips. Feel your stomach muscles relax. Your body is feeling light and very relaxed.

Your chest relaxes and your fingers relax, your arms feel comfortable and relaxed.

Keep taking slow gentle healing breaths…

Now move to your neck muscles and feel them relax. Your mouth relaxes as does your forehead. Feel your scalp relax.

Your whole body feels calm and rested, totally relaxed.

Now scan your body. Just let your imagination take over, you are in a giant scanner. As you pass through the scanner you can see in your mind’s eye your pain or illness as dark spots or areas. Breathe in deeply a bright golden light and allow this light to gently wash away the dark areas.

This beautiful golden light is energy from source, it can heal and renew cells. Reiki healing using this powerful healing energy.

Watch as it gently swirls throughout your body getting into all the nooks and crannies. No part is left untouched.

As this golden light swirls around your system it attracts all toxins and waste and unhealthy cells replacing them with new vibrant healthy cells.

Allow this light to clean and rejuvenate your body for as long as you feel necessary. Ten to fifteen minute sis good but if you can only manage five that’s a good start!

When you feel it is finished thank the energy for the healing and begin wiggling your toes and coming back to the room. Have a good stretch and know that you have taken the first step using visualization for healing.

Try and repeat this each day, twice a day is even better and try to work up to around 15 minutes a day.

Your mind is powerful, your thoughts do become your reality. If you suffer with a chronic illness then try not to dwell on it but focus on healing and positive affirmations.

Using your imagination, you can eliminate illness and dis-ease. Visualization is a tool that can make it happen.