Your Mindset

If you are living from paycheck to paycheck and life is a big struggle then listen up! You have been divinely led here to hear what we have to say!

There are no coincidences in life, we are drawn to what we need to hear and then it is up to us to take action.

People who constantly moan and complain that life has dealt them the short end of the stick are where they are due to their feelings of unworthiness.

Do you feel worthy of having a million dollars? Really truly worthy? Deep down we all have this negative block that thinks we really have no right to be rich. Rich people are robbers anyway, people with money have more privileges than those without. Money makes money, those without money have no way to make real money!

Well these negative thoughts and feelings are why you are where you are today!

I cannot emphasize enough our thoughts create our reality! Truly they do.

If you are sitting on the fence then please give law of attraction a chance. See for yourself that you can indeed be prosperous and live the life of your dreams.

We simply need to change our thoughts and feelings. Stop thinking negative thoughts, stop criticizing people with money, stop worrying over your debt and bills. When you begin a negative thought switch it around. Instead of thinking you have a mountain of bills, think I am grateful for the roof over my head and the food I can put on the table. When you start being grateful for what you do have in your life then you will begin to see things change around you.

“When we forget to use visualization and imagination, it is like not using our minds.” — Jose Silva

The Universe will begin providing you with more things to be grateful about!

Appreciate your surroundings, thank the Universe for bringing you a rain shower to water your garden and provide drinking water for animals. Be thankful for the car that you drive, okay it may not be a Rolls Royce but it gets you where you need to go.

Throughout your day look at simple everyday things and be sure to say thank you.

You will be amazed how quickly being grateful for what you do have and where you live can quickly elevate your mood and also your vibration.

At night when you go to bed think over your day and be grateful for events that happened. Be grateful for having children in your life or a partner. Be appreciative of your parents that may have struggled to raise you.

When you start being grateful and appreciate the things and people in your life you will find your mood improves, your outlook changes and new doors open to you thus bringing you what you desire. It may sound way too easy but all thoughts and feelings vibrate and the Universe will bring you what you ‘vibrate’ or feel.  It cost nothing, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Start doing something positive for your future.

Begin seriously implementing the Law of Attraction in your life today and this time next year you will look back and be so grateful you did!

Law of Attraction Visualization Movies

It doesn’t matter if you have struggled to use the Law of Attraction in the past and failed it simply means you were not doing it the right way. It doesn’t matter how old you are, it is never too late to start! It doesn’t matter what ethnic background you are, if you are a male or female. When you have the right tools, everyone can start using the Law of Attraction to attract everything in life you truly want to achieve, and I mean everything!

Guide To Visualization Videos Success

Do you want to know the 3 simple steps every beginner needs to achieve the life you want to live, the life you deserve? Heck you can even discover your life’s true purpose when you begin meditating and becoming in tune with your body.

If you’re tired of life throwing you curve balls, there’s no better time to make a change in your life than RIGHT NOW, starting today.

The Law of Attraction has been used for centuries to attract or manifest abundance in people’s lives. However in today’s busy world we seldom take time out to really think about what we really desire. When we have no real clue as to what we want, the universe cannot deliver.

Please allow time for this video to load it is a little slow

Thoughts Become Things
This saying is very true. Our thoughts and feelings are what we attract. When we are in a negative cycle, struggling to pay bills and to make ends meet, when we are doing a job we hate and struggle to get out of bed every morning to face the same old drudgery, well it’s no wonder we have negative feelings and thoughts.

The Law of Attraction is in constant motion, whether you believe in it or not. Thoughts become things, we attract what we concentrate and dwell upon.

You probably know some lucky people, individuals that seem to have all the luck in the world, everything they touch turns to gold it seems. These are not just lucky people, these are individuals that are in complete harmony with the Law of Attraction. Whether they are aware of it or not.

You too can attune to the Law of Attraction immediately and get started correctly with visualization videos. Visualization is a powerful tool, it is where you use your mind to create your future.

Mind power is a powerful force when used correctly. Our mind has the power to heal, to attract like-minded people into our lives and to literally create our future as we create it in our minds, so shall it become our reality.

What have you got to lose? It is certainly worth a try right?

Step #1: Take some private time and decide on what you really, really want. I mean in great detail. Then simply ask the universe for it. Never doubt yourself and don’t keep changing your mind.

What is the step?
You need to be exact in what you ask for. If you want a new home don’t just say I want a house. It needs to be exact and precise.

I remember doing this exercise many years ago, I decided I wanted a 3 bedroom home, it needed to be on a very quiet street, and I wanted it to be opposite or backing onto a park for my dog walks. I wanted a nice garden and it had to be in a good area. It also had to be within my budget.

I was talking to a real estate agent, I told him everything I wanted in detail as above. He laughed and told me I would never ever get a home like that in this city at my budget! This did not deter me, I knew what I wanted and I knew I had the Law of Attraction on my side, I maintained my positive thoughts…

Now the thing about asking for what you want and visualizing it… it is NOT going to drop in your lap! You have to keep active and look for your golden opportunity.

Why is it important?

The Law of Attraction will bring to you what you ask for, but you too must be proactive. You need to be open to opportunity and aware of what is going on.

Let’s say you want to win a car in a lottery. Okay fine, (not that I advocate such a desire ) but if you never buy a lottery ticket how can the universe provide it?

What’s the top tip for this step?

Don’t ask for a million dollars, be realistic in what you ask for. Start out small and as you get used to manifesting then you can bet bigger and bigger with the things you attract and manifest.

For instance, I always ask the universe to keep me a parking spot when I visit my doctor as I can waste 15 minutes driving around and around for one. I always get one. Coincidence? Well sometimes I forget to ask ahead of time and those days one is never available!

I was realistic in my request for a home in an area I liked within my budget. I was proactive in scouring the real estate offices and newspapers for my new home.

Not long after I asked the universe, I saw an ad in my local paper for sale by owner of a 3 bed home in good area on a quiet cul-de-sac backing onto a park, it had a great garden and it was below my budget! I immediately phoned and made an appointment to view and bought it on the spot.

A few weeks later the real estate agent called to ask if I had lowered my expectations yet…I said there was no need as I found my perfect home and had completed on the sale.

He didn’t believe me so I gave him my new address and he confirmed the sale and saw it had everything and I mean everything I had requested. He was flabbergasted to say the least and he said he would never in a million years believed such a thing was possible. But I did! I know all about the Law of Attraction and I know it works!

The main advice I can give you is to decide exactly on what you want and do not waver from that. Then simply ask the universe for it. Never doubt yourself and don’t keep changing your mind… just expect it to happen. Most people fail to even ask!

Step #2: Write your wish down on paper, start with a sentence such as ” I am so happy and grateful now that I have (your wish) and tell the universe why you want this, write as if it has already appeared in your life.

Always maintain a positive request, avoid any negative talk. Take time to read this daily and feel the emotions of having it come true as if it is already here and you are enjoying it to the fullest. Feel the new car, smell the new leather interior, feel the wind in your hair as you drive it along the coast…

What is the step?

Write down what you want in minute detail. If it’s a car what color do you want? What type? What interior? Add on lots of accessories create your perfect vehicle in your mind.
Why is it important?

When you are specific on what you want, it helps the universe provide it for you. When you get your emotions involved and your senses, you smell it, you feel the soft leather interior, you really see yourself driving it then you are using your mind power to really attract it to you.

Be sure to go into detail on what you desire and implement all your senses and act as if it is a reality right now. You drive that car to your new job daily. You wash it by hand, you treasure it you show it off to friends and family, feel and see their reaction..

Avoid any negative thoughts or feelings. Quickly change negative thoughts to positive ones. Take time daily and feel the emotions of having that car parked in your drive, really get into it.

Step #3: Be grateful for everything the universe has provided you with. Every day show gratitude for all you have. Be thankful and happy that the universe is providing your needs on a daily basis

What is the step?
Showing thanks to the universe, being grateful for small things in your life will open the gates for the universe to provide bigger and better things for you.

Be grateful for your new car, even before it has arrived. Give thanks daily and understand that you are truly blessed in many ways.

If you don’t think so just look at homeless people sleeping in the streets in sub-zero temperatures, surely your life isn’t so bad right? Be grateful for what you have daily.
Why is it important?

Why should the universe provide for those that are not grateful or thankful for the little things in life?

It’s your way of thanking the universe, acknowledging all the good things in your life that will motivate the universe to keep providing better things for you especially when your thoughts are more positive and grateful.

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When you have the right tools, anyone can start using the Law of Attraction to attract the life you truly want to live.

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Manifestation Miracle

If you are struggling to manifest miracles in your life then take a look at this video. When the Law of Attraction is in flow with your vibration everything flows naturally.

I hear people who struggle to manifest their desires and often all that is required is just a simple tweak to start the ball rolling and to allow you to obtain what you want from life.

You should not be struggling and the LOA can bring things you desire into your life quickly and easily.

Take a look at this short video to see where you may be going wrong when using the law of attraction.

Allow time for the video to load.

When done correctly you will find it easy to manifest good things that can change your life forever.

When you feel you are struggling this is an indication you have blockages and old beliefs that are standing in the way of your success. Life is not supposed to be a struggle! The purpose of life is to experience love, joy and to live each day to the best of your ability. We are our own creators, we have the ability to create our own life, do what we want and live in the fashion we so desire. Wealth and abundance are available to us all not the select few.

If you have difficulty hearing this then again you have some blockages you need to clear.

Start by de-cluttering your home. I know it may sound crazy but clutter means a disorganized mind. By clearing the clutter from every room in your home you are creating balance. As you clear the clutter keep reminding yourself that you are removing clutter to make space for more abundance to come in.

Don’t stop at your home!

Take the same process to your office or workplace, your car and anywhere you have control over the environment. As you clear the clutter and get organised you will find a clearing of blockages that have been holding you back.

Hold on to the memories of things but let go of all the clutter you have created. Remember, you are simply making room for more abundance to come in.

Let us know how by simply de-cluttering has brought about change sin your life, for it definitely will.

LOA Practitioner Course

Ready to take LOA to the next level? If you have been practicing Law of Attraction (or even if you haven’t!) and are ready to spread the word on how amazing this technique is to draw in health, wealth and prosperity then consider becoming a practitioner/teacher.

An LOA Practitioner course will guide you through all the details to help others manifest health and wealth, in fact whatever their heart desires.

Many people dabble in LOA for a few weeks then give up, they expect instant gratification. The laws of the universe take time and it also takes determination on your part as well as to truly believe in the Laws of Attraction in order for things to manifest.

Once you see positive results then it is easy to aim higher for bigger and better dreams. The world is literally your oyster! You can have as much or as little as you desire.

When we speak f manifesting our desires a lot of us naturally want money, cash the green backs. But think for the moment of someone that is suffering ill health. They wouldn’t give a hoot about money all they want is their health back.

Their dreams and desires would bring them good health.

As an LOA Practitioner you could help bring health and wellness to those that suffer daily by showing them how to manifest health.

LOA isn’t all about greed and desire. It is about creating the life of your dreams, the life that is rightfully yours.

Law of Attraction Practitioner Certification Course Details.

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LOA And Tapping The Subconcious Mind

The Law of Attraction is all about keeping a positive attitude and changing negative thoughts into positive ones until you have got into the habit of thinking positively.

They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit. When we have harbored negative thoughts for decades it will take longer. Have you ever said to yourself I can’t do this or that! Or worse still told your kids they can’t do it! Who really knows until you actually try?

This is our one shot at this lifetime so get outside your comfort zone and start living the life of your dreams!

Our conscious mind operates on only 2% of the non-conscious mind. It is truly miniscule compared to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind takes in and stores thousands of things every second of every minute. It is our ‘database’ so to speak. When we need information we tap into that database and can recall events and feelings and times and dates. It truly is an amazing mind!

However, this subconscious or non-conscious mind listens to our words and acts accordingly. It trusts and believes everything we say, think and imagine.

When we are negative about ourselves and situations it helps protect us from it. It is then working against your goals and helping you fail because that is where you are placing your energy.

In order to change the way we think and feel subconsciously, we need to raise our awareness of what we are saying, feeling and doing that is negative. We need to retrain our mind to think positively and when a negative thought enters our mind we thank it for its advice but replace it with a positive affirmation.

Using positive affirmations daily with emotion, will help re-train your subconscious mind to replace the negatives it has been taught during your lifetime.

 ”Change your thoughts and you change your world.” ~Norman Vincent Peale

The subconscious mind is especially powerful and with time you can become more aware and feel a shift in your thoughts and deeds. Being more aware will allow LOA to manifest what you desire into your life.

Find a positive affirmation that feels right for whatever situation you are desiring. If you want more wealth then something like “I am success” or “I have an endless supply of money” or “I am wealthy.” If you have a low self-image and are always criticizing yourself stop now! Look in the mirror and say something like ” I love you, you are beautiful” At first it may feel very odd! Especially if you are overheard! haha! But you can always whisper it but say it with feeling.

You must first love yourself before you can really love others. It is amazing the number of people who really hate something about their bodies. No-one is perfect, especially those glamor models, their photographs are air-brushed. They also have something they hate about their bodies.

Use your positive affirmations in the car on the way to work, on the way home, at night and first thing in the morning. Whenever you are alone and in a quiet place speak your affirmation with emphasis and emotion. Believe in what you are saying. Repeat it over and over in your mind with conviction and it will become lodged in your non-conscious mind..

Another way to re-train your subconscious mind is with binaural beats. Binaural beats are what is called brainwave entrainment and works with the frequency of your brain to tap into your subconscious mind and awaken it.

Binaural brainwave audios help relax the mind and allows the subconscious to be open to suggestions. Repeating your positive affirmations during this time makes them far more powerful. Using binaural beats audio before bedtime is ideal as it will allow you to enter a deeper sleep and allow your relaxed mind to be more receptive and help you make faster progress.

When you work with your subconscious mind to awaken it and enforce powerful positive affirmations, you will find you will start attracting positive people into your life and will have more positive relationships. Remember, like attracts like.

New doors will open up for you and the law of attraction will perform its magic.

When you ask the universe for what you want, visualize what it is you really want. Describe it and feel it. Close your eyes and envision it. Live it, act as if you have received it. How does it feel? Experience the joy of receiving it and using it or living in it if it’s a house. Driving it if it’s a car. Really get your imagination revved up and experience the whole enchilada.

By changing the way you think, negative thoughts changed into positive thoughts , you will tap into the powerful subconscious mind and start to take control of your life and destiny and live your life to the fullest. Stop drifting along allowing circumstances to define your life path, take control of your thoughts and mind and take control of your own destiny.

The law of attraction is a powerful tool when you know how to use it!

Living Your Passion to Super Speed Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is simply the universal laws of our universe. Once we understand these laws we can use them to manifest whatever we desire into our lives.

Wherever you go, we are told to follow our passion. If you are looking to work online and earn an online income you are told to follow your passion.  When you are looking to change occupations, we are told to follow our passions.

Many get confused on this aspect. What exactly is your passion?

What is your excitement, bliss or passion? As Bashar says, that physical sensation- excitement, bliss, passion-  is the body’s physical translation of the core vibration of your true natural self.

Anytime you act on what excites you the most, then you are in true harmonious alignment with your true natural frequency. It’s like following a compass point set to due North, when you stay on this path and keep doing what you are passionate about your frequency is in alignment with your soul and the law of attraction can only manifest abundance in your life.

In fact when you operate in complete vibration alignment with the universe the world is your oyster so to speak. Anything and everything is possible.

So take the time to think about what stirs your passions, what excites you?

When you follow your passions in everyday life then you are in a much happier, more positive frame of mind and you will naturally manifest everything that is positive.

Always act on your highest joy. Following your passion does not mean you have to stick to one thing for life. You can have differing passions each day, little things that bring you joy. A walk on the beach or in the countryside. Spur of the moment thoughts should be acted upon whenever possible as these are spurts of passion.

If you are stuck in a boring dead-end job then change it! When you follow your passion and do what you truly want to do then the word ‘work’ becomes obsolete as it is a joy to do what you do.

Also when you follow your passion the universe will always support you. Trust completely in this support mechanism and know that you can be whatever you want to be and do whatever you want to do.

Life truly is for having everything you desire.

I mentioned Bashir earlier in this post. I only recently came to hear about Bashir, initially the thought of a man channeling an ‘alien being’ seemed a bit farfetched. I know there have been many sightings of spaceships and UFO’s throughout the world and alien abductions etc and I have always felt that as Earth has life then there must be similar planets in the galaxy that too has some form of life. Why not? Why should Earth be so special?

Darryl Anka began channeling Bashar in 1984 and he brings forth some truly astounding messages. When I started to listen to his recordings I found many ‘aha’ moments.

Bashar talks about our planet and about the purpose of life and the law of the universe (LOA) which makes complete sense to me.

I believe we need to learn as much as we can about our universe as knowledge is power. Once you start on the journey of understanding the law of attraction you will find your thirst for even more knowledge increases.

Be sure to follow this ‘passion’ and learn and read as much as you possibly can. Life is all about learning and it begins with understanding the law of attraction.