Top 5 Errors When Practising LOA

LOA or Law of Attraction has been around for thousands of years, it was brought to many people’s attention with the movie, “The Secret.”

Many people watched the movie and began practicing LOA, however without the full basic knowledge they have been set up to fail at manifesting their desires.

In order to be successful at practicing the Law of Attraction you need to stop limiting your desires and dreams.

Dream BIG! The universe will provide what you ask for but it is often our own minds that feel we don’t deserve this or that, let’s just ask for ‘more’ money. What is ‘more money?” An extra ten dollars? That is more money….

You must be clear and specific when practicing the Law of Attraction. I want an extra $50,000 a year is a specific number. I want to have a big beautiful home. That is okay but it is better to ask for a large 7 bedroom home with 7 acres of land in the country.

I remember my first experience with LOA,  I was house hunting, money was tight and I had a set figure in mind as to what I could afford.  So I contacted a real estate agent and he asked me what I wanted. I told him I wanted a 3 bedroom home, on a quiet street, preferably overlooking a park or backing onto one. I wanted a large garden/yard and a driveway. When I told him my top price bracket he laughed at me. He said I would never ever get all that for the amount I was prepared to pay.

This was before I even knew about the universal law of attraction! I was crystal clear on what I wanted and I believed I would get it. I continued to search through real estate windows, looked at signs on streets and newspaper adverts. I didn’t sit back and expect it to fall in my lap!

One day I noticed a small advert in a free newspaper for a house for sale privately.  It was in my price bracket, it was in a quiet street, in the area I wanted and it backed onto  parkland!  I booked an immediate appointment and was thrilled to see it ticked all my boxes. 3 Bedrooms, large yard, a  driveway, on a quiet cul-de-sac, and backing onto a park. Perfect! I bought it there and then.

A few weeks later I got a call from that real estate agent asking me if I was now prepared to look at other properties and to lower my expectations.  I laughed and said I had bought my dream home! He was dubious asked me where it was, how much I paid etc and he said he was just amazed as he had never seen anything like that come on the market!

It was only later that I realized I had simply asked the universe for what I desired. I had been crystal clear on what I wanted, where it had to be and how much I could pay for it. The Law of attraction worked by giving me exactly what I asked for.

Since then I have had many  instances where I have been crystal clear on what I wanted and the LOA never failed to deliver.

When I am wishy-washy on what I want then I don’t get it. But that is MY fault not LOA.

]“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” George Eliot

Top Errors When Practicing LOA

1. They limit what you feel you can attract

2. They are not clear on what exactly you are asking for, too vague

3. They do not practice every day. Simply send out your request and believe it will be fulfilled

4. They do not visualize their desire, feel it, see it, hear it sense it in every way

5. Give up too quickly and change their desires

When you are crystal clear on what you want, ask for it. Feel it, touch it taste it. Trust LOA will fulfill your requests. Be grateful for everything you receive.

When you begin practicing LOA you will find you are more aware of succinct changes in your life. You will be lead to attain what you desire.

What we focus our energy on is what we will receive. I cannot stress that enough. Be open to positive thinking, changing the course of your life and attaining all your heart’s desires. Believe in the Law of Attraction and the universe will always deliver.