The Secret

The secret of the law of attraction is simply one getting attuned to our soul or spirit. We are our own GPS, our own guidance system yet so many of us fail to listen to our bodies.

In today’s fast paced living we tend to forget that we need to nurture our soul, spirit or inner-being whichever you feel comfortable calling it.. Far too often we fuel our body on junk food and don’t give a second thought to what we ‘feel’ anymore and then we wonder why things start to break down or go wrong in our lives.

Our body is a fine tuned machine that works 24 hours a day seven days a week without any conscious thought whatsoever!  We breathe automatically, we digest foods without a second thought and many of us sail through life without feeling the need to address our inner self.

Until things start to go wrong. We begin to have illnesses or dis-ease. We may lose a loved one, or we may seem to be on an extreme run of bad luck.

It is at these times that many start to wonder the purpose of life. Why are we here? What do I need to do to fulfill my life’s goal?

Please don’t wait for things to go wrong before you start listening to your intuition or inner self. We all have that little voice that guides us, ever notice when we do listen it is never wrong?

One of the most important things you can do for attracting good things into your life is to start taking time out for yourself. Call it meditation if you wish, call it “me’ time also if you so desire. The results are always the same.

By taking time to sit quietly and to ignore whatever is going on at that moment in time, sit quietly and allow peace and tranquility to enter your life,  really listen to your inner self, its thoughts and ask it for guidance.

Instead of worrying yourself sick over problems meditate and ask a question. Sit quietly and ponder the question. Allow thoughts to come and go. Dream of what you really want to happen. Envisage obtaining what you want to happen, feel it, taste it, live it. Trust it to come to you when the time is right. believe it is already here. Live your life as if you have attained what you desired.

You will be amazed how you can quickly transform your life by creating your own future.

Get off the roller-coaster and start planning and preparing for your future full of joy and abundance. The universe always provides for whatever you focus on. Always focus on positive things and the law of attraction will not let you down, that is the secret to success using the Law of Attraction.