Using LOA To Have A Purposeful Life

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to sail through life with ample money and all the good things life has to offer while others seem to live paycheck to paycheck and are virtually destitute if they become ill?

I hear all the time from people saying life is a big struggle and I know they will continue to struggle until they change their attitude toward life.

You see the Law of Attraction, or LOA is constantly at work. For decades people have written about this age-old law that will enable you to manifest all you desire. However when you focus on struggle the universe does not differentiate between negative and positive thoughts so it brings you more of what you focus on – struggle and strife.

Take another look at those people you know that have everything you want. They are the ones living  their life with a purpose. They know exactly what they want from life and they go out and get it.

As you sit there drifting through life becoming more and more poverty stricken and the anger and jealousy grows within you.. what do you think the universe will deliver more of?

Having a purpose in your life, a positive goal for your future will allow the universe to manifest good things into your life. You too can have everything your heart desires for it is law.

 “Pain is temporary; quitting is forever.” – Lance Armstrong

Uhoh I can feel the negativity in you saying bunkum. But what have you got to lose? Keep on the same path and you will never live the life of your dreams.

By simply changing your thoughts and eliminating negative beliefs you too can have anything you want like your friends and neighbors. We are all children of the universe and are entitled to have whatever we focus on.

So from today live your life with purpose.

Take time to really think about your goals for the future. What do you really want? Be clear about what you want. Then follow the instructions in this post to realize your dreams.

By simply refusing to think negative thoughts you can change your life around. Joe Vitale was homeless when he read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and he turned his life around drastically, he is now a millionaire so anything is possible when you have the right mindset.

Stop drifting through life, begin living a purposeful life and you will find things start to change for the better.

Be open to new possibilities as new doors open up for you. Be nice to other people, change your mindset, stop blaming the rich or well-off for having what you so dearly desire. Instead of thinking negatively about them say something like ” They have done well for themselves and so can I.”

Aim towards your goals and before you know it you will find yourself on a good path through life and you will lead an abundant life. It all starts by harnessing the law of attraction and thinking positive thoughts and living your life with a purpose.