Need Law of Attraction Proof Before You Believe?

When it comes to LOA, many doubters exist and they need law of attraction proof in order to even begin considering using it in their lives.

I have to say, I am a bit like that too. I like the phrase “seeing is believing” and it applies to all aspects of our lives. When we can experience something then we know in our hearts it works and it is true. It’s a bit like seeing a ghost or a UFO, until you experience one yourself, there is always that niggling doubt at the back of your mind.
Want law of attraction proof?

Look back at your own life and look for times when things went smoothly and you experienced good, happy things that you always wanted. What was your outlook at these times? Were you positive and welcoming for good things to happen in your life?

Now look back to when things took a turn for the worst, and you experienced nothing but “bad luck.” Lots of bills, maybe you lost your job, debt piled up… what was your outlook then?
It’s fair to say when things looked bleak your thoughts and feelings were pretty darn bleak too.

Even though I am knowledgeable about the law of attraction, I have studied it intently for many years, I too fall into the trap of allowing life’s events to take control of my life and when I do shit happens!

I should know better, but I am only human.

When my husband was taken ill and I spent two weeks at his hospital bedside not knowing if he was going to live or die, I didn’t even think about the law of attraction. I became scared, frightened and my thoughts were not too positive to say the least.

For the next three years he battled to get his life back to some form of normalcy. We had no income as he needed constant care. With time and patience he has recovered somewhat but will always be fragile and needs to take extra care with everything he does.

But, we survived.

It was only later that I realized I had let life take over and all my fears and negativity surrounding the situation only amplified things. In other words, had I been able to step back and maintain a happy, healthy outlook we needn’t have suffered so much during those long years.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

I promised you Law of attraction proof that it works. Here’s my story.

Years ago my husband was given a job in a city. We always preferred more rural living, a small town or village suited us down to the ground but we upped sticks so to speak and rented a house in the city while we looked for a new home to buy.

I searched high and low, a real estate agent asked what I was looking for, I told him exactly what I wanted, I was very specific.

I wanted a 3 bedroom home with its own driveway, situated on a quiet street, this was a must! We had animals and I didn’t want to live on a busy road.

I would also like it to be across from a park or back onto a park like setting for easier dog walks. Then I gave him my maximum price and he laughed out loud! He said you will never, ever get that in this city!

Undeterred I continued looking at properties and scouring the newspapers. I just knew in my heart I would find my house…

Lo and behold I came across a 4 line advert in a free newspaper. 3 bedroom home on a quiet cul-de-sac backing onto a park and the price.. was $8,000 under my maximum price I had told the agent!
It was within walking distance of the home we were renting, so I immediately called the owners for a viewing, it was a private sale. We hooked the leash on our Labrador and we enjoyed a very pleasant walk through a big park to get to the house.

It was perfect to say the least! It had a big garden with a stunning magnolia tree that was in full bloom. A driveway for our trailer and cars. Three bedrooms and it backed onto a park. It was just what I had envisioned. We bought it there and then!

A few months later I got a phone call from the agent asking if I had any luck in finding such a place. I told him yes, in fact we were now residing in the home. He was stunned and didn’t believe me.
I gave him the address and he confirmed for himself that I had achieved everything I had asked for.

I fully understand many people will think this is a mere coincidence. Well coincidence or not it worked and I have achieved so many other things in my life when I have had a positive outlook and have asked for it.

What people don’t realize with the law of attraction is we always get what we ask for.

Most people fail to even ask! This is the key to activating the law of attraction. To know what you want, to be specific and to simply ask for it.

There have been numerous other times in my life when I have known precisely what I have wanted and I always achieved it.

By the same token there have been times when I have failed to ask and have been led down a path of fear and negative thoughts.

Sometimes I am my own worst enemy! But hey I am human like yourself.

I firmly believe we are on the earth plane to learn lessons that we cannot learn in spirit. We experience hardships and good times. But, we are always in control whether we are aware of it or not!
It’s time to live your life consciously and start asking for what you want. Really get to know in minute detail what you want and ask for it. Feel it emotionally and put pictures around you of what you want. These help you to remain focused on your goals.

Many people create “vision boards” to help achieve their LOA goals. It’s a great way to reinforce daily what you are working towards. We will discuss vision boards for LOA later in another article.

It costs nothing to focus on what you really want in this life, ask for it and attain it.

When it comes to law of attraction proof, what have you got to lose?