Living Your Passion to Super Speed Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is simply the universal laws of our universe. Once we understand these laws we can use them to manifest whatever we desire into our lives.

Wherever you go, we are told to follow our passion. If you are looking to work online and earn an online income you are told to follow your passion.  When you are looking to change occupations, we are told to follow our passions.

Many get confused on this aspect. What exactly is your passion?

What is your excitement, bliss or passion? As Bashar says, that physical sensation- excitement, bliss, passion-  is the body’s physical translation of the core vibration of your true natural self.

Anytime you act on what excites you the most, then you are in true harmonious alignment with your true natural frequency. It’s like following a compass point set to due North, when you stay on this path and keep doing what you are passionate about your frequency is in alignment with your soul and the law of attraction can only manifest abundance in your life.

In fact when you operate in complete vibration alignment with the universe the world is your oyster so to speak. Anything and everything is possible.

So take the time to think about what stirs your passions, what excites you?

When you follow your passions in everyday life then you are in a much happier, more positive frame of mind and you will naturally manifest everything that is positive.

Always act on your highest joy. Following your passion does not mean you have to stick to one thing for life. You can have differing passions each day, little things that bring you joy. A walk on the beach or in the countryside. Spur of the moment thoughts should be acted upon whenever possible as these are spurts of passion.

If you are stuck in a boring dead-end job then change it! When you follow your passion and do what you truly want to do then the word ‘work’ becomes obsolete as it is a joy to do what you do.

Also when you follow your passion the universe will always support you. Trust completely in this support mechanism and know that you can be whatever you want to be and do whatever you want to do.

Life truly is for having everything you desire.

I mentioned Bashir earlier in this post. I only recently came to hear about Bashir, initially the thought of a man channeling an ‘alien being’ seemed a bit farfetched. I know there have been many sightings of spaceships and UFO’s throughout the world and alien abductions etc and I have always felt that as Earth has life then there must be similar planets in the galaxy that too has some form of life. Why not? Why should Earth be so special?

Darryl Anka began channeling Bashar in 1984 and he brings forth some truly astounding messages. When I started to listen to his recordings I found many ‘aha’ moments.

Bashar talks about our planet and about the purpose of life and the law of the universe (LOA) which makes complete sense to me.

I believe we need to learn as much as we can about our universe as knowledge is power. Once you start on the journey of understanding the law of attraction you will find your thirst for even more knowledge increases.

Be sure to follow this ‘passion’ and learn and read as much as you possibly can. Life is all about learning and it begins with understanding the law of attraction.