Dr. Wayne Dyer American Self-Help Author

Dr. Wayne Dyer was an American self-help author and motivational speaker and he had a big impact on my life.

If you have read any of Wayne Dyer’s work you will note that he had extensive education in the self-help health arena. Wayne studied with many spiritual teachers from all over the world.

Wayne has a way of breaking down complex spiritual laws into easy to understand methods that anyone could follow.

I especially liked his latest work, Wishes Fulfilled. Wishes Fulfilled is a book that goes in depth into the many spiritual teachings of Masters from around the world.

In Wishes Fulfilled Wayne talks about his diagnosis of leukemia in 2009 and how he planned on curing his illness using positive thought and positive affirmations.

He does however consult with a spiritual healer in Brazil. Initially I thought this was a bit of a cheat, something that not all of us could achieve, but on reflection what happened was Wayne was actively using the “I am affirmations” and this brought to him people that could help him on his road to wellness.

Wayne didn’t actually visit the spiritual healer, his friend did and through her, the healing was arranged. The spiritual healer performed distance healing and spiritual surgery on Wayne. This is a fascinating subject in and of itself. Upon Wayne’s death on August 30, 2015 the coroner stated there was no trace of leukemia in Wayne’s body.

If you haven’t read Wayne’s book, Wishes Fulfilled, I strongly suggest you read it or purchase his audio book which he reads on MP3. It’s fascinating subject and one that can help you manifest and attain you desire.

There are many quotes included in the book from great spiritual masters, which you can use to enhance your life. In previous articles I talked about positive affirmations as a way to manifest abundance in your life.

In Wayne’s book he goes more in depth to what is required to really feel emotionally the positive affirmations and he also introduces the I am affirmations.

Wayne quotes Neville Goddard quite often in the book. Neville was a prophet and highly influential spiritual teacher and author. Basically what Neville did was take the teachings of the Bible and translate them into teachings of psychological truth in order to raise awareness of the ancient teachings.

In 1959 Neville began to experience what he called The Promise. During this period discovered that one could use one’s imagination to change one’s circumstances.

Some of his language and sayings are quite difficult for modern day people to comprehend, but Wayne Dyer is able to decipher and explain his concepts in an easy to understand manner.

Wayne was a prolific writer, his first book was called Erroneous Zones published in 1976 and was one of the best-selling books of all time with over 35 million copies sold to date .

Here is the list of his books.

    • Pulling Your Own Strings
    • The Sky’s the Limit
    • Gifts from Eykis
    • What Do You Really Want For Your Children
    • Happy Holidays
    • Everyday Wisdom
    • You’ll See It When You Believe It
    • Real Magic
    • Your Sacred Self
    • A Promise is a Promise (with Marcelene Dyer)
    • Manifest Your Destiny
    • Wisdom of the Ages
    • There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem
    • 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace
    • The Power of Intention
    • Inspiration
    • Being in Balance
    • Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life
    • Don’t Die with Your Music Still in You (with Serena Dyer)
    • Getting in the Gap
    • The Incredible Force
    • Living the Wisdom of the Tao
    • My Greatest Teacher (with Lynn Lauber)
    • Staying on the Path
    • The Shift
    • Excuses Begone
    • Wishes Fulfilled
    • I Can See Clearly Now

Children’s books

  • I Am (with Kristina Tracy)
  • Incredible You! (with Kristina Tracy)
  • It’s Not What You’ve Got! (with Kristina Tracy)
  • No Excuses! (with Kristina Tracy)
  • Unstoppable Me! (with Kristina Tracy)

Wayne’s book, The Shift,  was made into a movie in April 2009 produced by Hay House.

My beliefs are that the truth is a truth until you organize it, and then it becomes a lie. I don’t think that Jesus was teaching Christianity, Jesus Was Teaching Kindness, Love, Concern, and Peace. What I Tell people is don’t be Christian, be Christ-like. Don’t be Buddhist, be Buddha-like.”[21] “Religion is orthodoxy, rules and historical scriptures maintained by people over long periods of time. Generally people are raised to obey the customs and practices of that religion without question. These are customs and expectations from outside the person and do not fit my definition of spiritual.”

Wayne Dyer

Source Wikipedia

We are all different some readers may not align themselves with Wayne Dyer, however for me I like his approach with regard to religion. For me God is all loving, I don’t believe in all the Hell and damnation as preached in many churches today.

If you read Wishes Fulfilled you will discover that we are all God, pure God energy created from God himself. As such we are all one, we are all connected and our lesson on this earth is to simply” Be” we need to learn unconditional love for all.

I highly recommend Wayne Dyer as a thought-provoking spiritual teacher, and I am grateful for his amazing work which has truly transformed my life.

A Tribute to Dr Wayne Dyer

“Without exception, begin every day of your life with gratitude. As you look in the mirror, say, “Thank you, God,  for life,  for my body,  for my family and loved ones,  for this day, and for the opportunity to be of service. Thank you,  thank you,  thank you!” Dr Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer –  May 10, 1940  –  August 30, 2015