Dr Joe Vitale – The Attraction Factor The Missing Secret Author

If you watched “The Secret,” the movie about the law of attraction then you saw Joe Vitale.

Joe Vitale tells his story how he went from being broke, homeless and living on the streets some 30 years ago to becoming a very wealthy man with his ‘fingers in many pies.’Dr. Joe Vitale is the living and breathing proof that we can all turn our lives around no matter how dire the situation is, when we learn and implement the law of attraction.

Joe is an author, having written many bestselling books such as “The Key” and “The Attractor Factor” and many more..

Joe Vitale is a certified hypnotherapist and is often called the world’s first “Hypnotic Marketer.” He is one of the top copyrighters in the world and has many public speaking engagements.

What is Joe’s secret to go from being homeless to living the life of our dreams?.

It’s simple. He ACTS. Not on stage we might add, but on every new idea he gets he simply put it into action.

Far too many of us get intuitive bursts of inspiration and we simply fail to act.

When Joe was down and out he went to public libraries as he had a thirst for knowledge. It was at one of these learning visits that he came across the law of attraction and he immediately began implementing it and his life did a complete turn-around in no time at all.

The law of attraction is always in motion. We attract what we give attention to, by simply making changes in the way we think and feel we too can have the life of our dreams.

Joe Vitale has some excellent programs online from which you can read, watch or listen to and with the wealth of knowledge he imparts you too can change things for the better.

Too often we sit back and are too darn lazy to put into action what we learn or what we are taught. It is time to take a leaf out of Joe Vitale’s book and put into practice the law of attraction and to finally reap the rewards to which we are all entitled.

Ready to get started? Check out Joe’s programs below.

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