Darryl Anka and Bashar

Bashar is an extraterrestrial entity that is channeled by Darryl Anka through mediumship. Darryl became interested in UFO’s having had two up-close encounters back in the early 70’s.

These UFO sightings happened when he was with other people, so it wasn’t just a figment of his imagination.

Born in Ottawa Ontario, Darryl is the first cousin of singer Paul Anka. Daryl’s family moved to the USA as a child and has resided there ever since.

I had close-range, broad-daylight sightings of UFOs with witnesses present both times. At each sighting we saw a dark metallic, triangular craft about 30 feet on each side. There were three blue-white lights, one on each “point”, and one orange-red light in the center. The craft in the first sighting was about 150 feet away; in the second sighting, only about 60 feet away.

Waking Universe TV

Curiosity led Darryl down the path of investigating the paranormal and the existence of UFO’s and people from another galaxy.

Darryl attended a conference on channeling, where a person, usually a medium though we all have the ability to do this, allows another entity to speak through their body.

Most mediums communicate with the “other side” they bring forth information from spirit entities. Darryl was so intrigued by the quality of the information he began to delve more into the art of channeling.

During one session the channeled entity offered to teach channeling to anyone present and Darryl decided to join the course so he could gain more information on how it was done, little did he think a person could be taught to channel, he believed we had to be born with the gift.

Midway through the course, during a deep meditation, Darryl received a message, he was made aware that the entity communicating with him was an extraterrestrial and that the ship he had seen was his, he name was Bashar, then he received telepathically an old memory, he remembered making an agreement to channel Bashar prior to this lifetime. Now it was time to fulfill this agreement but only if he still wanted to.

Naturally Darryl mentally questioned this experience and what he had been told. However, a few minutes later the entity being channeled that was teaching the lesson, interrupted the class and said they were aware Darryl was in communication with something from another plane of existence and that Darryl should trust it and learn to work with it.

This confirmed to Darryl that what he had just been received telepathically was in fact true.

From this point forward, Darryl learned how to channel Bashar and he has shared some very insightful information for us all to enjoy. For the past 30 years Darryl has given conferences all over the world sharing the wisdom and knowledge Bashar brings to our earth plane.

The Meaning of the Name “Bashar”…

When the telepathic message first awoke in my mind, the word “Bashar” came along with it. I assumed this was simply the alien entity’s name. However, I came to realize, based on “Bashar’s” descriptions of his own society, that in their world they are all telepathic and do not use names as we do. Since he knew that we would need to call him by some name, the name “Bashar” was chosen.

“Bashar” is an Arabic word, probably chosen because I am half Arabic, although I don’t speak the language. I had no idea what the word meant until someone fluent in Arabic told me it means “Messenger” or more specifically “Bringer of good news”. Thus, while not literally his name, the word is certainly appropriate to what “Bashar” does.

You can read the full story on Bashar.org

Sounds far-fetched? Well initially I have to say I was very skeptical but just watch Darryl Anka & Bashar at work and you will see how quickly he can answer very “deep” questions and I have to say what he says makes sense.

As Darryl says, it isn’t for us to question Bashar as to where he lives, is he real etc., our purpose is to listen to his wisdom and to see if it resonates with our soul. For me it does.

When you act on his words of wisdom, life gets better, struggles cease and life becomes the joy and pleasure it is supposed to be.

My advice is to listen Bashar’s videos and temporarily discard your beliefs. Keep an open mind and just listen.

Darryl Anka works in the film industry so his channeling is not his full time job so to speak. He creates the visual and special effects, in fact he worked on Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

He is also the author of a number of books and also has a production company called Zia Films.

We shall be bringing you more Bashar videos and conferences as I feel we could all benefit form his advice which is to live your passion each and every moment while we are here on earth. I am so glad I discovered Bashar, if you have never heard of him before, I am thrilled you now have an opportunity to learn and grow spiritually from Bashar, the inter-galactic being.