How Can I Communicate With My Higher Self?

You have probably heard of your super consciousness or higher self and wondered how do we access this bountiful knowledge base. First let’s start with some basic understandings…

What is Your Higher Consciousness?

Your higher consciousness is simply your very essence, your soul consciousness. We are all energy, and energy never dies, we cannot destroy energy it lives on after death. Our body is merely a vehicle for us to experience physical things here on earth.

Our souls have lived many lives and have access to the universal consciousness, all that is.

Connecting to your higher self is simply like opening a user instruction manual, you can access it at any time and many of us do without realizing it. It’s the voice of reason, have you ever gone to do something and something tells you not to? This is your higher self talking to you…

As a spirit or soul, we come back to live out a plan that we set ahead of time. Our soul is fully aware of what we need to achieve in this lifetime, or rather what we are here to experience. It is not always the case that we actually achieve our goals in one lifetime, sometimes we need to come back again and again just for one lesson…

But I digress, when you get in touch with your higher self, you can receive the answers to all your dilemmas and problems you are experiencing in your life. We are always connected and our higher self can help direct us if we ASK. This is crucial, as many of us veer “off plan”, we all have free will, what we set in motion is just a guideline.

We can change direction at any time we wish as this is our life to experience as we want.
If you have ever felt confused and at a loss, probably you have veered from the path you had set. It’s time to regroup and contact your higher self also called your higher consciousness or super consciousness.

It doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s just the same YOU!

This Meditation Will Allow You To Quiet Your Mind and Connect To Your Inner Self.

What Does The Higher Consciousness Do?

I believe our soul or higher consciousness sets out goals and plans in order to experience situations and life to learn certain lessons. We choose our parents and gender, we even plan certain struggles for us to overcome. I know it sounds insane that we would set such a hard task for our physical self to endure, but I believe in a greater plan.

When we transition back to spirit we have a life review where we see what goals we achieved and what we missed out on. Where we could have done better etc. There’s no judgement, I don’t believe in hell and damnation. God is love, all loving and not to be feared like some religions would have us believe.

Think of your higher consciousness as your own GPS or Sat Nav, it’s your intuition that tells you right from wrong. As I said earlier, it’s always readily available but many individuals simply forget to access it or don’t even know it exists. I am going to show you how you can easily access your higher consciousness every day or night!

How To Connect to Your Higher Consciousness

First, accept the fact we are always connected to it. No ifs ands or buts, we are our higher self.

Meditation is a great way of connecting, the art of just quieting the mind in order to hear what comes through is a great way to connect.
Sit quietly and relax, play some gentle music and just go within and still your thoughts. Ask a question and just wait. With practice you will be able to hear a clear answer.


As I said, we must ask for what we want to know. Our higher self is not here to tell us what to do, if we ask, it can answer. I like to ask for guidance before I go to bed. Simply relax and ask for a solution to what is bothering you.

I have done this many times myself, upon waking I have a clear answer in my head and I almost always say “Well why didn’t I think of that! LOL It works.. it may take a few days or so for you to get your answer if you are new to connecting but it will come.


Our intuition is our higher self talking to us. It can help us avoid accidents, look at the 9/11 event, thousands of people died, afterwards many people told of being ready to go to work but something made them stay home at the last minute. This was their intuition.
Having brought up this tragic event I know we all feel saddened and ask why this happened and why everyone didn’t avoid going to work that day.
Well I believe these people set a goal to help change the world. Through their sacrifice it brought a uniting of individuals from all over the world. It literally changed almost everyone’s lives.

So, listen to your intuition.


Visualization is a great way to get in touch with yourself and your super consciousness. Sit back or lie down and relax. Visualize walking on a beautiful summer’s day, the skies are blue and the sun is shining. As you walk you notice a beautiful garden filled with beautiful flowers, butterflies are dancing about. You see a giant oak tree, as you walk towards the tree you notice a bench situated underneath the canopy of the tree.

Sit down in the cool shade and relax. As you relax begin a conversation with yourself, ask questions and receive answers or if you don’t hear answers, take note of what you are feeling.
Not everyone hears spirit, you may just feel which way you need to go in your life…or the answer may just pop into your head.

It may feel weird at first, but with practice you can quickly connect to information that can truly change your life for the better.

Talk to your higher self on a daily basis, ask questions and ask for direction in your life. Simply open the channel, if you find this difficult begin with a simple phrase such as : “ Higher self, please help guide me and lead me on my chosen path. I am present and open to your guidance and wisdom.”

Then be still and simply listen. Miracles can truly happen when we access our higher self’s knowledge.