Can Affirmations Change My Life?

In this article we shall be uncovering the truth about affirmations.

  • What are affirmations?
  • How do they work?
  • How can they change my life?
  • How can I use affirmations?
  • What makes a good affirmation?

Affirmations form an integral part of LOA. If you have studied the law of attraction you will know that our thoughts become things. What we give energy to comes into our reality.

Positive affirmations are a great way to retrain your mind to always look on the bright side of life, this is necessary so we can get rid of the bad habit of being so negative!

A positive outlook on life can truly change what you attract. It is also extremely necessary to love yourself warts and all. No-one is perfect, even top models are air-brushed to appear flawless.

This is the body we have to take us through this lifetime and we need to love it and cherish it. Feed it good wholesome food and think positive thoughts and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your life can change!

Affirmations and LOA

What are affirmations?

They are short, positive statements that you repeat in the present tense. Say your affirmations with confidence and emotion. Really feel the words you affirm.

Affirmations help reprogram your subconscious mind, they can help you become a more positive and happier person.

Our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between positive and negative thoughts. It simply believes everything we think and feel as fact.

When we have been through a rough patch in life it is all too easy to become depressed and self-loathing. Maybe you blame yourself for events of the past. It’s amazing what baggage we all carry around that we are not even aware of consciously.

But our subconscious mind truly believes this baggage is here with us for good! Well it isn’t! Now is the time to start clearing out those doubts and insecurities. That little voice that tells us we cannot achieve what we desire as we are unworthy or our track record speaks for itself.

Just like we give our computer hard drive a good clearing out, the same goes for our subconscious mind. Old beliefs that were probably not even yours to begin with! Maybe your parents told you money doesn’t grow on trees and this is imbedded in your subconscious mind so you will never be wealthy.

Or perhaps you were told you must work hard for every cent you ear. That’s a good one most of us were led to believe, but it simply isn’t true. This is NOT your belief system, you simply took on board things other people instilled in you.

Now is the time to start clearing out the junk and the best way to do this is with positive affirmations.

How Do Affirmations Work?

When we change the way we think, we begin to allow our subconscious mind to adopt these new thoughts as fact.

By repeating affirmations over and over in our minds throughout the day the thoughts become your new reality.

Now, you may be thinking affirmations are a conscious statement and not subconscious and you are right. But when repeated often, these statements become lodged in our subconscious and replace the negative thoughts with positive ones.

A good trick is to be aware of what you say and think for a day. Catch yourself thinking anything negative and immediately replace it with a positive thought.

You’ll be amazed at just how many negative thoughts you have over the 24 hour period! It’s no wonder things are not “going your way.”

The law of attraction brings to us what we think about or give emotion to, it’s a fact.

“Change your thoughts and you change your life,” that’s my little motto and it’s true!

It takes 21 days to form a habit so don’t just do this exercise for a day or two, stick with it for a month and take notes. You will soon feel more positive, people may say you “look” different or there’s something different about you… it seriously can change your life if you let it.

Affirmations for Positive Results

What makes a good affirmation?

Here are some examples of affirmations, but I honestly feel our mind or soul knows what’s right for us. Change them to suit your needs. Some may just pull you… if so it’s what you need right now.

Remember, affirmations need to be positive and helpful to a situation. They need to be said in the present tense, they help you move toward your goals in life. They expand your horizons and abolish limiting beliefs.

Affirmations for Health

Every day in every way I am getting better and better.

I am healthy and whole.

I enjoy perfect health.

My body is healing beautifully.

Affirmations for Wealth

I am a magnet, I attract money.

I am prosperity.

I am a success in everything I do.

Everything I touch turns to gold.

Affirmations for Self-Confidence

I deserve the best, I am the best.

I have much to offer the world.

I am beautiful and charming.

I am full of self-confidence.

I deserve the best because I am the best.

One final point on affirmations, it is amazing how many of us loathe something about our bodies. It’s a good idea to start loving yourself as I mentioned earlier. One way I was taught to do this was every time I caught sight of myself in a mirror, to simply say “I love you.”

Those 3 words can change how you feel about yourself. If you find it too hard at the moment to do this, (many people do, so it’s nothing to be ashamed about) simply pick a good feature of yourself that you do like.

For example, you may say “I have beautiful eyes”  or “ I love my hair” just pick something positive to say! In time you will begin to love yourself and that is needed to really start activating the law of attraction. You can do this with people you meet too, say it silently in your head.

Even your worst enemy has some redeeming factors! Always look for positives in every situation and person.

Affirmations focus your energy on a positive statement that is helpful. Adding emotion to your statements make them more believable for your subconscious mind. If a statement rings false in your head, don’t use it but change it to something you can truly believe.

For instance, if your affirmation was “ I am a millionaire” and your brain says yeah in your dreams! Then it is not effective. Simply change it to something like “I am open and accept great wealth into my life.”

Have fun with them! Say them out loud when you can and in your head at other times. Another great tip is to record your own voice repeating several affirmations over and over.

Play them back quietly on a loop when you are surfing online or out in the car. Chant with them, sing them, whatever works for you just do it!

Repeated affirmations can truly make a difference in your life, you just have to do it.