Activating Law of Attraction in 3 Easy Steps

Have you seen “The Secret” the movie about the Law of Attraction? This movie was a big hit and it brought to many people’s attention that there even is such an ancient law! But what the movie did not provide was an in-depth guide on how exactly to use LOA to manifest what you want, need and desire.

The first thing you need to do when activating LOA is to keep it simple. LOA is not a complex law, it will always provide you with what you focus your attention on, whether this is what you want or not!!

The universal law of attraction cannot differentiate between wants and don’t wants. If you keep saying I don’t want more bills, I don’t want this and I don’t want that, this is what you will get more of! So think before you say anything. Think before you even think anything! A thought is a powerful tool that can manifest in your reality.

So when you think or say I don’t want.. stop yourself turn it around and say and feel I do want this or that. Always think positively and it helps to add feelings to these thoughts.

“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

Okay, let’s get started on the basics for activating LOA.

3 Steps to Activating the Law of Attraction

1. Decide on what you want.

Really sit down and think about what you truly want. Once you are fully clear on what you want we can move on to the next step. One word of caution though you need to be crystal clear on what you want.

If you think “I want more money” you could go out and find a dime! That is ‘more money’ so you need to say how much you want or what kind of car you want etc. The Universe is never wrong! You get what you ask for or focus on!

2. Visualization.

Visualise your desire in your mind, be specific. If it’s a new car what colour is it? Get into as much detail as possible. mentally sit in your new car or home or whatever you want. Look out the window and see the view, smell the new upholstery, feel the leather interior or the bright kitchen appliances.

Some people can visualise things easily while others have to work hard at it at first but it does get easier the more you practice it. Build on your dream home or dream car or dream job or dream bank balance! Feel it, savour it, taste it!.

When you visualise what you want, you have thoughts associated with it and that is letting the Universe know what you want and it will deliver. Thoughts become reality.

3. Mentally Receive Your Desires

Now is the time to act as though you have achieved your desires. Now visualise getting what you asked for. What an exciting day! Feel the excitement, feel the joy and see your eyes brimming with tears as you open the door of your new home, car, or job. (whatever you asked for)

Hug your family and shout to the world “I got it!” really get into the excitement of it all. This will raise your vibrations and will get the Universe to speed along your desires.

Then let it go. Know that it is on its way and simply allow the law of attraction to go to work for you.

Now, it doesn’t mean your new car will suddenly appear in your driveway one morning though that in itself is not impossible! What you must now do is keep alert to new doors opening for you. New opportunities to earn money or becoming inspired to do something.

Listen to your inner voice, it may urge you to do something outside of your comfort zone, or it may give you inspiration to write or create a product.

The Universe will clear the path for you to live an abundant life and to manifest anything your heart desires.

How to Manifest Anything You Desire With the Law of Attraction

What’s the biggest secret of successful entrepreneurs and celebrities? They all use the Law of Attraction to manifest real results and positive power in their lives.